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Patient Instructios


¿Do you have to make an appointment at the lab?

It is not necessary to make an appointment to do an analysis or to deliver a sample, except for specific tests or analysis, in which case contact us.

Blood test

For tests, fasting should be 10-12 hours depending on the tests requested. You should take your usual medication, unless your doctor tells you to stop it.

Analysis that does not require fasting (more than 2 hours)

Biochemical determinations: GOT, GGT, GPT, Na, K, Cl

Basic coagulation study (INR, PT, APTT, fibrinogen)

Basic stool exam (digestion, occult bleeding)

Hormonal studies

ABO blood group, RH factor and crossmatches

Complete blood count

Prenatal risk index of the 1st and 2nd trimester

Tumor markers

Allergy tests (specific IgE)

Serology tests

Microbiology sampling

Any doubts? Do not hesitate to contact us and solve them