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COVID-19 or FLU? We tell you in 1 hour by PCR

PCR tests, Sars CoV-2 (COVID-19) - FLU A and B

With the same sample collection, we look for the SADN of COVID-19 or INFLUENZA A or B by PCR

Virus detection by RT-PCR

RT-PCR: Nasopharyngeal exudate

• Price: €80

• Type of results:

POSITIVE: Confirms the detection of the virus at the exact time of the test with the highest level of reliability. *In case the result is positive, contact your doctor immediately.

NEGATIVE: It does not always mean absence of the virus, since it depends on the viral load of the sample. *In the event that the result is negative, but you have symptoms, we recommend consulting your doctor.

• Sampling: Through nasopharyngeal exudate.

• Delivery time: 1-2 hours after taking the sample. EMERGENCIES: 20 minutes

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